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Joomla-SEO aims to provide you with a sample set-up to help you to optimize your Joomla website for Search Engines. SEO is a hot topic: if your site cannot be found in Google, Bing, Yahoo or other search engines, you have built your site for nothing, unless you have a specific audience that finds your sites without Google. We focus on:


SEO for Joomla (on-site &off-site SEO)

Your SEO checklist to fully optimize your site for Google. Basic Joomla configuration, but also advanced techniques, like 301-redirects, canonical URLs, fighting duplicate content, plus some very useful off-site SEO tips.



Tips to make your website load fast!

Out of the box Joomla may not be very fast, but you find it surprising how easy you can improve this. With some advanced tweaking, plus an extension here and there is all you need.



Reviews of Joomla SEO / SEF Extensions

We gathered the most useful SEO extensions that are out there. Except for the famous SH404SEF, we only discuss free extensions, available for Joomla 2.5 and 3.



Awesome E-book on Joomla SEO and Performance

Besides the information on this site, we also have an awesome E-book about Joomla 3 SEO and Performance that will help your efforts even more.



SEO scan for your Joomla site

If your site cannot be found, or if it does not perform, we also offer a full SEO scan of your site, telling you all that could be improved. We look at every aspect of your site, for a very competitive rate.


This website is set-up as a step to step guide, taking you from the most general SEO parameters to some more advanced topics, telling you all about general SEO topics, Joomla caching parameters, Joomla extensions, etc.

Also we pay special attention to Joomla performance and speed, as a fast website is great for your site visitors and may help you rank higher in Google. So, jump straight ahead to the first article of the checklist, and boost your visitor numbers!

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Hosting for our site is provided by Siteground. Siteground was found to be the best host in terms of site speed, security and support, and a true Joomla specialist.

CDN Provider

CDN support allows Joomla-SEO.net to load very fast on a global scale. To easily implement this in Joomla we found MaxCDN Content Delivery Network very good, with excellent performance.


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