Search Engine Optimization & Performance tuning for your Joomla website

E-book: Joomla 3.5 SEO & Performance

If you are looking for a book to help you get your Joomla website high in the Google rankings, check out my Ebook Joomla 3.5 SEO & Performance. Attracting many visitors on a fast-loading Joomla website is the main goal we are trying to achieve in this book. While we will discuss some off-site SEO topics, we will mainly focus on on-site SEO. It will tell you all about setting up Joomla, plus some tips for off-site optimization as well. Though the book is written for and with screenprints from Joomla 3.5, it works equally well for Joomla 2.5, except for some minor exceptions. Of course a lot of attention is payed to the subject of Joomla performance and speed.

You can download the book here on my site, but it is also published on Amazon and some other bookstores, so you can buy it wherever you want.

What the book is roughly about:

  • Chapter 1: We start of with a small introduction in the world of SEO, with some terminology that you should know to understand the rest of the book.
  • Chapter 2 will tell you what you can do with the Joomla core options. We will start with the basics, like setting metadata, titles and correct URL's, but also advanced topics will be discussed, like fighting duplicate content, setting up 301-redirects, 404-pages, canonical URLs etc. Even with the Joomla core options we can get a well optimized website that scores well in the Google rankings.
  • Chapter 3: With the use of some small modules and plugins we will expand our possibilities even more. Some of these tools are extremely user-friendly, while some require some more knowledge.
  • Chapter 4: For those that are really serious about SEO you need a full SEO extension. SH404SEF is the most popular and used one. While the options it offers may seem a bit overwhelming, we will take you through all the necessary settings.
  • Chapter 5: Once our website is published and live, we will work on some off-site SEO efforts, like setting up Google & Bing Webmaster Tools and Analytices accounts and how to use them, but also linkbuilding and social media efforts will be shortly discussed.
  • Chapter 6 is dedicated to tips to speed up your Joomla website. With these instructions you should be able to make your website load in 2 seconds or less, which makes the website much more attractive to browse through. Topics in this chapter will be caching, G-zip, setting up CDN's, CSS and Javascript optimization, image optimization, and some extensions that can assist these processes.

Is the Ebook different from this website?

A lot of the information on the site will come back in my Joomla book, but there is a lot more. The ebook is easier to read, digs a bit deeper, and it contains a full chapter on how to work with SH404SEF!