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Joomla SEO Checklist

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The Joomla SEO checklist provides a checklist with a potential workflow to follow when you are building a Joomla website that needs to be optimized for Google and other search engines. The checklist is a mix of articles that cover basic SEO guidelines, along with very Joomla specific tips. The order of the articles is pretty arbitrary, so feel free to do things in your own preferred order.

More experienced Joomla administrators will likely jump to their specific article of interest.

Title Hits
Choose your keywords 1923
HTML markup and H1 1831
URL structure 1598
Internal link structure 1518
Readable (SEF) URL's 1343
Meta-data: Title 1756
Meta-data: Description 1822
Meta-data: Keywords 1059
Optimize anchor text 1020
Optimize images 1039
www or non-www URL's 1553
Avoid duplicate URL's 2670
Avoid 404-errors 2347
301-redirect for old URL's 1650
Avoid Flash 799
Google Webmaster Tools 1356
Sitemap.xml 3210
Robots.txt 1811
Microdata, Rich Snippets and Authorship 1397
Register with Google Places 2984
Linkbuilding & social media 935
Check your end result 1085