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Joomla SEO Ebook published on

Over the last 2 months I have been working on an Ebook about Joomla SEO & Performance, similar to the subject of this, and today I am happy to announce that it has been published on both (Kindle Edition) and (Epub version)! The book is called "Joomla 3.5 SEO & Perfomance" and has about 110 pages (25.000 words). Through the Smashwords network, the book should also be published in other bookstores globally, such as Apple, Kobo, etc., but this might take a while.


You can download the book either here on my site, or in on-line ebook stores like AMazon, Smashwords, and later also on Kobo, Barnes & Nobles, etc.

Go to the Ebook page for more details and ordering.