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Tested: JCH-Optimize Pro-version

This week I was offered to test a pre-release of a pro-version of the JCH-Optimize plugin. Of course I grabbed the chance, as it is already one of my favourite plugins. The good news is that the free version still offers the same functionality as before. The pro-version just adds even more functionality on top of that. What is offered on top is the following:

  • The plugin can search the whole body of the page for files to aggregate as opposed to just the head
  • Can include inline javascript (and css) in the combined file
  • Can now load the combined file asynchronously, taking advantage of this HTML5 feature
  • Can load individual files asynchronously rather than just exclude them if they don't combine well
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I tested the plugin on a site with quite some javascripts to see what the outcome was, and I definitely found further improvement by switching on the pro-options. With Pingdom and GT-Metrix I found small improvements, but what was especially nice was the PageSpeed improvement for mobile devices. The PageSpeed Desktop grade improved from 87 to 89, but the PageSpeed Mobile grade jumped from 69 to 77. Since I especially try to please Google this is good news of course.

Before switching on PRO (excuse the dutch language):


After switching on PRO:


In the mean time the production 3.0.0 version of the plugin has been released, and it's available as a download on For $5,- a year you are entitled to a year's download, including ticket support.

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