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Header Tags

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The Header Tags plugin is a nice little plugin that may come in handy when you are having issues with the way your article titles are displayed on your website. As we discussed in the article about HTML markup and H1, every page should have at least one and nver more then one <h1> title. We discussed a few options to achieve this with Joomla core options and template overrides, but there may be situations where the use of a plugin may be the preferred solution. The Header Tags plugin, developed by Conflate, could be a perfect solution then, and is free to download.

Once you installed the plugin, go to Extensions >> Plugin Manager and look up System - Header Tags:


The default is to only check the component area. This is usually fine, except for cases where the site name is displayed in a module position, as an <h1>, which is the case in some template providers. It is also possible to exclude specific components or URLs.

Then you can define settings per tag, <h1>, <h2>, etc. The plugin's default parameters work well, especially for the <h1>. 


Now if you enable the plugin, you should have one <h1>, a few <h2>'s and possibly a few <h3>'s, depending on your setup, which should be perfect for SEO purposes.

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