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The Joomla core caching options already allow for decent caching for most websites. However, there may be times when you need to have more control over the caching of your pages and modules. Some Joomla extensions do not work very nice, or fail to function at all when caching is activated. An example is Hikashop, where the checkout function does not work correctly if caching is activated. This could force you to disable caching completely, leading to longer pageloads.

This is where JotCache comes in very handy. JotCache is a non-commercial plugin that is very flexible. It allows you full control over the pages, modules and components that are cached.

Once installed and activated (make sure the plugin is the very last in order of the system plugins) you can finetune your caching options through both plugin and component parameters. Options are:

  • Include or exclude specific pages of your site
  • Module positions in your template
  • Components
  • Differntiate different caching levels for different browsers
  • Finetuned cache clearing of different pages
  • Etc.

Very much recommended for your caching problems, but possibly a bit complex for inexperienced users.

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